The Bristol Palin Twitter hack was something that people just didn’t see coming. One moment, it seems like Bristol’s normal account and the next, everything goes topsy-turvy.  The world of the internet isn’t the best place to be in nowadays for many reasons. Social networks have gotten enough attention from the younger generation. Facebook, for one, has become a teenager’s diary. So what’s the worst that can happen to your account? Yep, you guessed it. When someone hacks your account, you know that you’re in deep trouble – especially if you’re the daughter of a politician!


It Bites When You Are Not Looking!

Around the year of 2011, Bristol Palin didn’t know that something bad was about to happen. The single mother and eldest daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin is known for gathering a good amount of  controversy through her blogs, mistakes from the past, and posts on Twitter. Though some think that she’s not all bad, others would definitely do almost anything to get to Bristol. Hacking her account on Twitter was one of those many things. I know for sure that I wouldn’t want any of my accounts hacked and I’m certain that Bristol didn’t enjoy it either.


Bristol Palin Twitter Hacked: Fun For The Hacker, Not Fun For The Owner!

By the time her account was hacked, many things were changed. Reading through the tweets that the said hacker had posted on Bristol’s account, you can just tell that they were enjoying it. One of which that had caused people to fall into fits of giggles was the photoshoped image of Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin, transformed into the Joker from the Batman series as the accounts icon. Not only that, the tweets were all in caps and demanding that people whom the hacker had followed should flood Bristol’s direct messages. Talk about a complete disaster.


Keep The Inappropriate Tweets Coming, Says The Hacker

Once the hacker got the chance to be Bristol for a day or so, he had begun to post twitter updates in capslock with the combination of cursing. New icon, new followers, and a new attitude – you’d think that the hacker would stop there? The hacker continued entertaining himself as he had made fun of the fact that they had gotten into Bristol’s account. Tweets of making a ‘good bio’, making fun of both Sarah and Todd Palin and of course the continuous question of ‘Who wants to be followed by Bristol?!’ went on until Twitter had gotten to the account after reports of it being compromised has reached their attention.


Bristol Palin Twitter: Stronger Security Can Go A Long Way

When your account is hacked, you just know that things will start getting messy for you. This is one of the reasons why people shouldn’t forget about the importance of security on any account they own. I’m pretty sure Bristol learned her lesson, and maybe put in a stronger password, and that whoever hacked into her account had their fair share of fun. Who knows? He might strike again and maybe this time, Palin would have made sure that her account would be as secure as Alcatraz. That’s just one very effective step to stop another Bristol Palin Twitter hack event from repeating itself.