The Bristol Palin reality show “Life’s a Tripp” is a series based off of Bristol Palin’s life as she moves from her temporary life in California back to Alaska. Most reality shows nowadays are said to be repetitive, boring, and scripted. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I for one am not a big fan of reality TV shows and it appears that I’m not the only one! After two episodes have been aired, it was cancelled with its last episode gathering a total of 500,000 viewers. What went wrong and why did it happen?


The Truth About Reality Tv

From the many reality TV shows being aired here and there, only a few make it so far. It all depends on what it’s about and how it’s going to affect the audience. Shows such as “Survivor” are addictive to some as it gives you a full experience of what life would be like in an island where many dangers roam. But it appears that Bristol Palin’s show didn’t get enough attention and has in fact been called a “weird and miserable show” by Entertainment Weekly news. A good amount of money was paid here and there to get this show going but sadly, it didn’t go as Palin expected it to.


Bristol Palin Reality Show Takes Criticism

It wasn’t only the audience that thought bad of Palin’s reality show, many other artists thought the same. Hank Steuver of ‘The Washington Post’ says that the show was completely dipped into a bucket of ‘Reality TV tropes.’ David Weigand from ‘The San Francisco Chronicles’ said that Palin wasn’t “interesting” enough to make it a successful series. James Poniewozik from TIME stated that the show was ‘misguided’ as it fails to give the audience a taste of a struggling single mom. This must have been quite a blow to Bristol.


Bristol Palin Reality Show: Too Much Trouble Over One Scene

Aside from the poorly executed show with negative feedback from the audience, Bristol’s ‘Life’s a Tripp’ was subjected to lawsuits even before the show was aired.  During the filming of the show on September 2011 in West Hollywood bar, Bristol came into a heated argument with Stephen Hanks. As the footage was shown in advertisements of the show itself, Hanks was enraged and sued Bristol for defamation. He stated that he had never signed a permission waiver that the scene was to be aired on television.


One Big Mistake

A lawsuit was filed by Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin’s co-star in Dancing with the Stars, against the show. He states that it was his and his brother’s (Chris Massey) idea which they have discussed with Bristol during their season in Dancing with The Stars. The brothers were cut out of the show after Massey said that they had stolen the idea from the brothers who came up with it first. It’s official that Palin’s life really is one big trip even though not so many enjoyed the ride. From bad feedbacks to lawsuits, Bristol had taken a beating for a Bristol Palin reality show which sadly just wasn’t cut out for the audience.