Have you heard of the Bristol Palin plastic surgery? The minute I read of this news, I was in shock.  First of all, I personally didn’t see anything wrong with her features. She looked baby like, adorable and there really was no need for the surgery to be done. Now with her new look, she says that she likes it because she looks more mature. I can agree! I’ve seen her before and after photos and I couldn’t help but tilt and scratch my head. While everyone else is doing almost anything to obtain a baby-like face, Bristol decided to do the opposite!


Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery For Medical Reasons

Well, this surgery was not done merely for cosmetic purposes just like those done for most artists and celebrities.  At the age of 20, Bristol says that she needed it because of medical reasons. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, had her jaw and teeth aligned properly to completely fix her bite. When asked, she said that she really did need it because of her medical conditions and that she’s not that obsessed over how she looked. Every woman I’ve met has to be, in some certain degree, a little anxious of how they appear so I can’t really say if I believe Bristol. It appears that I’m not the only one either.


You Can Never Lie To The Doctor!

It may be Bristol’s weight loss that made her face look a little longer than it was before the surgery was done.  But a blogger and plastic surgeon named Dr. John Di Saia says that she most likely had more than just an alignment of her jaw. The doctor of San Clemente says that she could have had a mandibular advancement, extending her jaw. He also says that it’s possible that Bristol Palin had chin implants as well. Dr. John says that it indeed gave her features more balance that improved the way she looked after the surgery was done. And, what about Bristol’s nose? Well, he believes she had that done before too, but who knows?


Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery: Anti Or Pro?

The problem about surgery is that those who have them will never really tell unless they have nothing to be ashamed of. In Bristol’s case however, she clearly says that she had nothing more than ‘medical help.’ Plastic surgeons suggest that Bristol’s change in appearance is the result of a chin implant, a nose job, or maybe even liposuction. I clearly have nothing against people who want to change the way they look whether it be with the help of exercise, a good diet, or trips to a facial saloon.  If I was asked if I want to have work done on my face when I clearly don’t need it, I would say that I would never do it. And if I did? I wouldn’t lie about it when it’s too obvious!


What’s Talked About Today Will Be Forgotten Tomorrow

To cut the long story short, Bristol Palin had a change in appearance and no one will ever know if it was done to help her with any medical problems she’s had or because she just wanted to ‘look more mature.’  The subject of Bristol Palin plastic surgery will be just another bit of news to be forgotten in the future.