Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter to Sarah and Todd Palin, has gone through a certain amount of publicity and fame because of the many different events that occurred in her life. Being the daughter of a well known image in the world today, I can understand what it would be like to have an audience whether we like it or not. As the child of a politician, it can’t be too easy; especially if every move you make can be used against the name of your mother or father, whoever the politician may be. I can imagine the strain Bristol had to go through and the expectations that weighed on her shoulders because she is the daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin.


Who Is Bristol Palin?

The eldest daughter in five of Sarah and Todd Palin’s children, Bristol was born on October 18, 1990.  She is known as an advocate, author, reality show personality and speaker. Bristol was named after Bristol Inn; a place where Sarah, her mother, was employed and also an area found in Alaska where her father grew up in. She was born as well as raised in Wasilla, Alaska and attended Juneau-Douglas High School in the year 2005. In the year of 2009, Bristol graduated from Wasilla High School.


A Teenagers Mistake

In the year of 2010, Bristol joined a dance show called “Dancing with the Stars” where she won third place in the finals. But this wasn’t Bristol’s claim to fame. Back in the year of 2009 during Sarah Palin’s unsuccessful run for the position of Vice President, Bristol was given a good amount of media attention due to her pregnancy. At the young age of 18, she began to work with a campaign known as ‘The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy’ in her hopes to inform the younger generation that teen pregnancy comes with terrible consequences.


Bristol’s Success

Bristol’s hard work paid off in May of the year 2009 when she was proclaimed to be the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ambassador for the prevention of teen pregnancy known as Candie’s Foundation. As a spokeswoman, Bristol attended town hall meetings, gave interviews during morning talk shows, and gave public service announcements. After having gone through teen pregnancy herself, she highly believes that abstinence is key and states in “Good Morning America” on May 2009, regardless of Bristol’s past actions and experience, that the only full proof way of preventing an unwanted pregnancy was abstinence.


Getting To Know Bristol Palin

Bristol appeared in a good amount of television shows like ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season’s 11 and 15, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’, and ‘Life’s a Tripp’ and Static Circle’s music video. In the year of 2011, “Not afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” Bristol’s memoir was released. Regardless of mixed reviews of readers and critics, it became a New York Times Bestseller. Through thick and thin, through the challenges of being a single teenage mom, Bristol Palin fought her way to victory and just like her parents before her; she had grown to be a great image to the world.