The things you write can cause both negative and positive feedback, like the Bristol Palin Blog where the 22 year old woman had given her thoughts all the free space that it can occupy. Sadly, not so many agrees with what Bristol has to say. Gay marriage, President Obama, and even Hilary Clinton’s natural beauty without the make-up can be found in her posts. Of course, not so many women have the power to speak up like Bristol does, but this is Sarah Palin’s daughter. She was born to say what she thinks! Whether it be good or bad – you decide.

Think Before You Type

As a blog writer myself, I sometimes have to think about what I have to write. What should I post or talk about? How will the audience take it? And lastly, if I do write about a sensitive subject that will possibly cause readers to go against my own opinions, can I handle the heat? This is something Bristol should have thought about before she wrote her shocking blog entry about the President of the United States of America and his thoughts about gay marriage.

Bristol Palin Blog: Gay Marriage… And The President

People who have come across her message to the President had mixed reviews about her post.  Mostly, they left negative and almost hateful comments. When Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter, Bristol, posted a statement saying that a child needs a mother and a father for his or her development; many have gone against Bristol’s ‘hypocrisy.’ Right after the release of this blog entry with the title: “Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama,” the writer received over one thousand eight hundred comments in under 24 hours. Many of which stated that Bristol was in no position to say such things because she herself raised her baby boy without a father figure.

Bring On The Heat!

Not all of her reader’s comments state that her entry was hypocritical as Bristol remained a single mother who took care of her child by herself.  Most of the comments gave light to her situation.  One of the comments said that she knew nothing about marriage and another questioned her real life choices.  One asked that if she really did believe in what she had written in her blog entry about same-sex marriage or plainly, marriage itself, then why is it that she has not married the father of her child.  It goes on and on about how Palin’s blog entry had opposed her own actions from the past and in the present time.

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin Blog: There’s More To Come And You Know It!

In the past, she handled this hypocrisy issue effectively.  She said that society is strange because it considers it alright if an alcoholic spoke about how well they had left their drinking life behind them or applauds a past drug addict who warns their children about the dangers that drugs can bring. But when it came to her bringing up the subject of waiting until marriage, people bash her for her so-called ‘hypocritical’ statement. This Bristol Palin blog entry has certainly caught the attention of many.